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02 Feb 2017 06:46 #32420 by Brad Hoskins
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Thanks for the reply.
Not trying to knock what volunteers put together and I do appreciate the forum being available for us. I'm sure there is a lot more to setting one up than meets the eye and I certainly don't have a clue what it costs to provide a forum. Undoubtedly, AACA has more $$ than the ACDC! I'm certainly no expert so I don't quite understand why PM"s wouldn't be backed up and available like one does with their PC.
However, this is the second time information has been lost with an upgrade. The same thing happened in, I think, 2004. At least this time the posts themselves were not lost, but it sure would have been nice to give the members can to make their own efforts to save messages. I guess the best advice is to use your own email instead of the handy PM function if you want to ensure messages don't disappear on the future. ...twice bitten now!
In the spirit of moving forward perhaps I can get you started on some tips that might be available to help with the following issues. Maybe other members have the same questions.. I sure hope you will also post them here and not just in the Newsletter!
- Going to 'editor' from 'quick reply' deletes your partially composed message. Done that twice now, slow learner I guess! How does one stop that from happening?
- can you stop 'quick reply' from double spacing text on 'enter'
- Can you make 'reply' a visible radio button instead of hiding it in an 'action' drop down menu
- the 'reply' text box always opens up as one line only and does not expand as you type. You have to manually drag the box open. Is there a fix for that?
- is there anyway to set view or style preferences? I would prefer not to stare at the stark white page and perhaps change the background to provide more contrast
- each post seems abnormally large for the page meaning only a couple of posts per page. Is there anyway to condense the posts so there are less pages
- why did i get this message?
You have entered information to an obsolete form from another session. Please verify that the user account is yours and please try again!

Thanks again

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