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The Kangaroo

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07 May 2016 11:03 #31047 by Terry Cockerell
The Kangaroo was created by Terry Cockerell
There are a number of pictures of the rare Cord phaeton with the twin side mounted spares in sheet Nos 7 and 8 the pictures are JBA 337, JBA 338, JBA 339, JBA 340 and JBA 763. JBA 340 is a reverse image of JBA 763. I believe this Cord was owned by William Horning of Waterdown, Ontario during the later part of the 1950s. It was actually a stable mate of my 810 Serial No 1586A which William also owned. The story goes that he left the phaeton with an upholsterer to trim out the interior however as the job dragged out William ended up selling it to the upholsterer. What interests me is the Kangaroo hood ornament in some of these pictures. It is really strange to see a Kangaroo sitting on a Cord in Canada. In some of the pictures a large single spot light is featured. It is just possible that an Australian living in Canada owned that phaeton for a while.
CORDiall acCORDing to the CORDite from Down Under Terry Cockerell

T cockerell

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