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Sheet 4 Pics No JBA 166, 167, 172 & 173 showing Factory accessories.

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15 Jul 2019 08:16 - 03 Aug 2019 21:53 #37784 by Terry Cockerell
These four pictures appeared to be taken in the same location. JBA 166 and 167 show a phaeton fitted with a luggage rack while JBA 172 and 173 show a Westchester sedan fitted with a bolt on trunk extension.
Looking closely at these four picture I could see common features which allowed me to put together a rough composite picture, a copy of which is attached. There are stains on the brick wall which show up in the LHS picture as well as the middle picture. There is a window vent in the middle picture which also shows up in the RHS picture. These locations have been circled for identification. Now looking at the LHS picture a water tank can be seen above a roof in the background, also the edge of another building at the extreme LHS.
After discussions with ACD Club member Sam Harvey who lives in Connersville we believe that the location of these four pictures was on the northern side of the Factory. I have attached a picture of the plant with the location marked. The water tower lines up as well as the buildings in the pictures.
I do enjoy identifying the original locations of these type of Factory pictures, and thanks Sam Harvey.
Sam's grandfather worked on the assembly line fitting doors to Cords.
Terry Cockerell
PS. The last picture shows one of the rare Westchesters fitted with the bolt on trunk extension. This particular Cord was originally sold to EL Cord's sister and has Serial no 812 1500A, it may even be the same car as in the original Factory picture.

T cockerell
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