70s-80s era Huntingdon Valley/Phila PA Duesenberg ?

07 Mar 2013 03:56 #24700 by Joel
Joel replied the topic:

silverghost wrote:

mikespeed35 wrote: Hi Brad, There is still a Auburn Speedster that parks in Mall parking lots and can be found on about any street in any state you care to mention with the top down and unmolested so far.
CORDially Mike

Mike ~~~????
Sorry~I must be missing your point ?

Mike and his bride drive their Auburn speedster and their L29 all over the country. And they often provide us a wonderful account of their adventures...

Link: http://forums.acdclub.org/phpbb2/viewto ... highlight=


Joel Nystrom
1929 Duesenberg Model J Murphy Convertible Coupe

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07 Mar 2013 04:26 #24702 by JOEL GIVNER
JOEL GIVNER replied the topic:

If you know Gary Hiller's speedster, you would think it is real. It is one of the Glen Pray cars with original Auburn chassis, wheels, engine, drivetrain. The color is cigarette cream. The only non original Auburn part is the body from the firewall back. Unless you had a magnet, 99% of the world would think it is the real thing.


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08 Mar 2013 15:44 #24714 by thlee
thlee replied the topic:
Dick Boeshore was an active club member with several Duesenbergs in the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. I met him at the Eastern Spring meet last year. He came by Avon, PA, where the original ACD meets were held to visit. Dick is still a member, but no longer has any cars. he had some great stories to share with all of us at the meet. Dick and Bob McEwan knew each other, and were both at the original meet. Seems like Dick had serveral (I think he said 7) Duesenbergs over the years. fascinating person and it was great to talk to him.

Thomas Lee ACD Life Member This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
1933 Auburn Phaeton 8-101A
1930 Cord L-29 Cabriolet
1912 Auburn 30L Runabout (undergoing some minor refreshing)

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09 Mar 2013 04:44 #24727 by 1748 S
1748 S replied the topic:
Because we are talking about Auburns here does anyone know what happened to a 35 or 36 speedster that was owned by Sherm Hall of alahambr Ca. This car did not have the original engine or trans but it had the 2 speed rear end. It was sold by Sherm in around 1965 where it sat on Mission Rd in Los Anglese Ca at the Shasta Mission Beverage bottleing company that Sherm owned. Sherm and my father were best of friends till they died and bought many old cars and stored them in the extra building there. I recall Sherm selling the car because of some burns he got while under it heating up some front end damaged and some undercoating caught fire.. He went to wipe off the flaming goo only to have it stick to his hand... Big mistakes we make sometimes. I'm just wondering if its restored or crushed. Thanks for any information on this.. Its something on my bucket list...

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09 Sep 2013 19:24 #25899 by peter812
peter812 replied the topic:
Bayard Badenhausen, who has published collecting memoirs in the Classic Car Club bulletin, would probably know the car, as he lived in Philadelphia.

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09 Sep 2013 23:21 #25901 by Don Knight
Don Knight replied the topic: Old time memories:
Back in 1965, I made a trip to Pennsylvania to purchase a 1929 Marmon coupe. Having no luck finding the owner, I ventured on over to the northeast corner of Pennsylvania to look for Milford 'Tiny' Gould. I had seen his ads in Hemmings' Motor News listing several desirable cars. When I arrived at his shop, there were various models of different cars parked on his lot. What caught my eye was a 1933 Packard Series 1001 Coupe/Roadster Standard Eight. It was painted in gray primer and had a very ragged top. Interior leather was original and in good condition. He was asking $1800.00 but I didn't think it was worth that much!! That was a lot of money! I offered him $1500.oo but he turned it down. After returning home, I could just vizilize that car all repainted and new top and everything re-chromed! In a couple of days, I called him back and told him that I would purchase the Packard and would send him a certified check for $1800.00 and would pick it up in about thirty days. After getting the car home, it was repainted in Packard Blue, everything was rechromed, new white convertible top installed and six matching whitewall tires installed. I kept the car and drove it all over Indiana and down into Kentucky. Went on a few CCCA Classic Car caravans also. In the mid-nineteen eighties, I sold the car to fellow in Louisville, Ky. and I think that he still owns the car.
I am now ninety years old and I still love the body styles and lines of those great cars!!

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