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Early Dusenberg Racing

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13 Jun 2004 05:12 #1813 by Robert Rampton
Early Dusenberg Racing was created by Robert Rampton
Greetings to all. I am new to this forum. I am posting in hopes of finding info from any subject matter experts in the Dusenberg community on early Dusenberg racecar driver Wilber D'Alene. He appeares to have been a team driver during 1916, finishing second at Indy that year. He raced there again in 1919 in a privately owned D-berg, and again in 1922. I am seeking information about his origins and life, his connection with Duesenberg and racing career, as well as his history after leaving auto racing. Even the smallest bit of information would be appreciated and valued. Researching the lives and careers of early drivers is an enjoyable hobby of mine, especially drivers with a Utah connection.
Thanks everyone.

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