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Wedding request

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16 Nov 2004 22:05 #2488 by the Ol'Line Rebel
Wedding request was created by the Ol'Line Rebel
Hello there, ACD fans! :)

I too am an ACD fan, esp. Duezies, but I only just got the extra motivation to find a site like this.

Is there anyone in the MD region who might be willing to hire out their Duezie (and themselves, or a driver) for a wedding?

I just got engaged and my fiance - so thoughtful, even thinking the same thing as I because he knows I'm the Duezie-lover - thought of the fantasy of having a nice Duezie drive us to/from our wedding and/or reception.

So is there any possibility, do you think? We're shooting for late May.

I hate to crash in like this, asking for favors when we all don't "know" each other, but I'm sort of against the wall now that I know my fiance already thought of a Duezie at a wedding. He probably doesn't know where to look (not a car guy) so I sought out the club.

Thanks for reading, and thanks for any help you can give! :D

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