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Aaron McBride - ACD Co. traveling mechanic in the 1930s

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29 Jul 2017 03:23 #33341 by 1748 S
I knew of this wrecking yard a few years back. I understood there were several Cords in this yard. I tried to find them but nothing came up. So I contacted another wrecking yard in the same town asking for McBride.. Got an interesting story. the then owner of the wrecking yard was getting squeezed out of town. "they" said his yard was too big and an issue for buiding up around it. so he had to go. This was during a bitter divorce too where soon to be wife was getting most of everything. Nothing I'm posting is super secret and I can't prove any of it either. I even used Goggle earth maps to search the town and sure nuff found the place. But no idea when this earth shot was made. In the end I did see some parts and 2 Cord bodies in very poor shape offered on ebay some time back. I did not see it sell either. I offered to purchase some of the parts and was told that might be possible if things did not sell. Never heard back. More interesting stories about McBride I guess.

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29 Jul 2017 02:02 #33339 by Jonathan Richards
Replied by Jonathan Richards on topic Aaron McBride - ACD Co. traveling mechanic in the 1930s
Good Saturday Evening, Mr. Garthwaite,
Thank you for sharing this fascinating bit of Cord Model 810/812 lore with our club. I cannot see that you are listed as an ACD Club member in our directory. If you are not, p;lease consider joining our fine club. Have you shared the chassis , engine and body numbers with our Cord Model 810/812 Historian R on Irwin? If not we would certainly like to add your car to the list of known survivors. It sounds as though the new 1936 Cord which you own could have been Ganges Green in original factory color. Mr. Aaron McBride probably got a discounted purchase price from the Florida dealer. McBride may well have known Salt Lake City mayor Ab Jenkins who did so many of the record high speed runs in Auburns and Cords. Thanks again for sharing your information. Jack Richards in Missouri. My cell phone is Area 712/ 621-1854.

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28 Jul 2017 12:32 #33338 by CHARLES.GARTHWAITE
I am the second and current owner of a 1936 Cord sedan acquired from the family of Aaron McBride of Grantsville, UT.
Attached is the text of a 2014 article from a local newspaper near Grantsville.

His son said that his father was employed by the factory and visited customer's sites mostly in FL, NY, and CA to maintain their cars.
When serving in this role he was a relatively young man having been born in 1912.
He's credited with devising a thrust washer improvement to the transmission.

Wonder if anyone has further information about Mr. McBride's career ?

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