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From Central Mfg to Cord Corporation - A TimeLine

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06 Oct 2008 02:28 #11505 by Jonathan Richards
Replied by Jonathan Richards on topic article regarding holdings of the Cord Empire
Thanks, Bill Hummel for bringing this most interesting article to our
attention. I have surfed the website for several years
on other topics but had not read this one. is a magnif-
icent site for information on automotive history and the level of their
scholarship and quality of the writing is really superb. I rather think
that one Mark Theobald is or has been their editor. The history of
the activities in and contributions of your grandfather E. L. Cord to
American business and industry is one of the most fascinating in the
annals of our nation. You can be most proud of that heritage and we
share in that pride. I especially liked the quote from Elbert Hubbard's
book "Hundred Point Men " in reference to the involvement of E. W.
Ansted ( founder of Ansted Spring and Axle Company at Connersville
which later became Central Manufacturing Company ) , to wit " When
you want things done , call on a busy man - the other kind has no
time. " The same applies equally well to your grandfather. What men
of genius and purpose these titans of business were. We are all the
beneficiaries of those qualitites, even the underpaid and overworked
employees of the factories that produced our now beloved Auburns,
Cords and Duesenbergs. Respectfully, Jonathan ( Jack ) Richards at
Red Oak, Iowa aka <a href="mailto:[email protected]][email protected][/url]

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05 Oct 2008 22:00 #11502 by Bill Hummel
This is fascinating reading. This article may not be 100% accurate but it is an in-depth look into the many Cord holdings.

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