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Tell Your Car's Story

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02 May 2011 00:55 #19972 by auburn-kid
Tell Your Car's Story was created by auburn-kid
Most of us have a terrific story to tell about our ACD vehicle. Sure, you?ve probably told it a dozen times to all of the guys around Ninth Street or on ?the Porch? during the ACD Warm-Up, but think about all those new to the ACD hobby that are now welcome to Eckhart Park on Saturday during the Annual Reunion.

INDYcarBruce Posted:
?I'd like to give you some feedback from a newcomer. First of all, I really enjoyed seeing all the cars on Saturday morning at the park.
It would be helpful for people looking at your cars in the park next year if everyone had a sign with a summary about the car (similar to the museum signs in front of each car). Some of you did, but not everyone. Before the reunion I read up on the 1928-33 Auburns, so I knew the difference between a 1928-30's versus the 1931-33's. ..I'm sure most visitors to the park knew less than me.

All of your cars have great stories to tell. Maybe you bought yours from the original owner. Maybe your daughter and her new husband rode in the rumble seat after their wedding. Maybe you spent 10 years looking for parts to your car and you finished restoring it just in time for your 25th wedding anniversary. Those would be nice stories that could be explained briefly in words or by pictures. Maybe you aren't very sentimental, so ask your spouse for help finding the right words.

A good, but very simple example was that my wife and I enjoyed the pictures of the rusted Auburn in the field and what the car looks like now. That told us a lot.?

Needless to say, INDYcarBruce inspired me! Why not have a contest to get our Club members to share their car?s story? They are great stories and they need to be shared! So here it is, Brad and I are challenging YOU to put together a story board to tell everyone that enters Eckhart Park on Saturday the agony and the ecstasy associated with owning your ACD car. If your car started out as two bushel baskets and a shell of a body, put together the pictures and describe the time it took to assemble the basket case into the road warrior that it is today. It doesn?t have to be fancy, but make sure it has the year, model and your name. Make sure that you can continue to bring it with you for years to come. Maybe someday, we?ll know the story of each car on the show field! We will announce the winner at the Annual Reunion Awards Brunch.

Yours can be as simple or as elaborate as you want. Obviously, it was a long cold winter here in Michigan!

Kellie Janousek
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