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Wind In Your Hair

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29 Oct 2023 06:33 - 29 Oct 2023 06:37 #47900 by Terry Cockerell
Wind In Your Hair was created by Terry Cockerell
Everybody knows just how windy it can get riding in a Cord 810 - 812 phaeton or cabriolet with the top down but how many have tried it in a sedan?
Recently I took my 14 year old granddaughter Zoey to a car show and for her entertainment cranked the windshields wide open to the almost horizontal position.
With all of the windows wound down in the car the air blast at 60 mph is quite severe, thank God there were no substantial bugs on the wing.
And this can be experienced while sitting comfortably in the shade. With skin cancers caused by too many hours in the sun driving with the top down sedans are the way to go.
I just can't understand in view of this why sedans are so much cheaper than the "Rag Tops" ? In my humble opinion they have been undervalued for far too long.
So crank the windshields open, put on some glasses and go for a blast .................... it's a lot of fun.

T cockerell
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